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World 24 Hour Running Championships - Dec. 1 - 2, 2023

Miho Nakata set a new world record in the 24 Hour running world championships. She broke the existing world record, held by Camille Herron, by running 167.996 miles.

In second place was Olena Shevchenko, from the Ukraine, with 158.12 miles, and third was Patrycja Bereznowska of Poland who completed 155.06 miles.

The men's competition was won by Lithuanian Aleksandr Sorkin with 187.52 miles, followed by Fotios Zisimopoulos, from Greece, with 181.59 miles and another Ukraininan, Andrii Tkachuk, in third with 176.8 miles.


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Your First 100 Mile Race

From fellrnr.com by Jonathan Savage

These tips are intended to provide some advice for your first 100 mile race. Not all tips will be applicable to all racers, but some of them may be useful to you. Some of these are applicable to other ultramarathon distances, but the focus is intended to be 100 miles. As always, if you have tips you'd like to suggest, just let me know...

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24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

From medium by Craig Benson

It’s 3 AM, I’m laying in the back of the spotlessly clean rental car tormented by feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, anxiously checking if the charged indicator on the bike light has turned green, as if the more I look the faster it will recharge — a watched pot and all that. I’m 15 hours into a solo 24 hour... ....

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Another successful ( and cold ) Strathpuffer 24 hour race.

From 24 Hour Racing by Craig Benson

The Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race took place over the weekend of the 24th. Keith Forsyth won the men's solo category for the 4th time, cementing him as the king of the 'Puffer. The women's event was won by Cat Hirst, who covered 165 freezing miles in 15 laps. The conditions were cold and snowy but clear for a good part of the time. Of special note Tom Seipp, 13 years old, finished 38th with 13 laps. read about his adventure ( with his Dad ) here:

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Getting Ready – 24 Hour Racing Prep

From Kielder Chiller Blog by bkemp247

With a few weeks to go your mind may well start wandering and thinking about preparation for the big day. You training may have gone very well or training might just be a word that you’ve heard other people talk about. Either way, if you think about your options now then you’ll save yourself a lot of stress on the day. Here’s just a few things you might want to consider leading up to race day: ....

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Here's a selection of articles form around the internet. I don't vouch for any of them. Might not have even read them. Maybe I should.

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